Saman Suite: A Comprehensive Solution for Process, Content and Collaboration

Saman Suite

Manage Your Business at Its Scale

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Saman suite
A Comprehensive Solution for Process, Content and Collaboration

To manage an enterprise business, you need certain tools (software) proper for its scale. Saman suite is our suggested Platform at the level of Enterprise for managing the digital experience transformation in business. This software is a complete software ecosystem for managing the content flow, collaborations, services and relations at the contact point with the stakeholders. It is made of a core for providing the basic services in addition to a complete set of development tools (Application Builder, Report Builder, integration Builder) and a converging set of enterprise applications (including Enterprise portal, BPMS, CRM, BI, etc.). Through omitting the add-ons and concentrating the functionality in their own field, also separating the working areas of development, administration and application, a single comprehensive solution has been offered for management of the process, content and collaboration.

Saman suite

A comprehensive software ecosystem for management of digital experience transformation

Saman Suite Platform
  • Security Center
  • Configuration
  • Access Control
  • Log & Audit
  • Performance Tuning
  • Monitoring

An Answer to Managers’ Concerns

Managers are responsible for the successes and failures in their organization. To prevent the failure and guarantee the success while progressing towards digital transformation pathway, managers usually face serious worries.

Saman suite: Safe and Reliable

Cyber Security

In the age of digital transformation, when organizations embrace new technologies each day, the issue of cyber security goes beyond a temporary answer to threats. For this reason, we have focused on more than preparation against the threats and paid attention to safeguarding data spreaded all across the Saman suite. You could trust us.

A Swift and Smart Organization with Saman suite

A Swift Organization

The key to success in getting ahead of the rivals is the ability of making instant decisions, plans and making action based on them. However, agility needs access to correct data on time. Needless to say, this needs a strong, smart yet flexible system and our answer to this is Saman suite.

Saman suite, Companion of Your Organization through Digital transformation

The Best Solution

Considering the numerous providers and products for the digital transformation of the organization, choosing the best solution to give an optimized answer to the needs is not easy. With us, you would experience transparency and responsiveness at the level of a service befitting your demands.

Better Organizational Efficiency with Saman suite


Digital transformation of an organization could be the start of a revolution in its business. But how many instances of investing on this process have you seen which resulted in a positive change in the business? You could read the success stories of our customers who have invested and gained business turn over and better improvements in their customer overall satisfaction and engagement.

Saman suite Could Stimulate Inovation in Your Organization


Today’s world is all about the innovation. Innovation is not invetion. The successful manager knows that innovation in turning ideas into opportunities, products and services and that it is a must for the survival and growth of the organization. At the same time, proper development of IT infrastructure could stimulate innovation inside the organization. Providing a comprehensive platform for management of the process, content and collaboration does the same.

The competitive Advantages of Saman suite

Saman suite has a development studio and open platform that is suitable for the developers

Developer ready and Open Platform

An extraordinary software development studio has provided the best opportunity for the developers that enable them to develop new functionality in depth (this needs an extra software license).

Saman suite Could Be Developed and Customized

Customizable and extensible

You could use Customization and design environment to match your needs anytime, anywhere. In addition to this, we could extend system functionality through new modules based on your demand.

Saman suite, An Enterprise Product

Enterprise ready

We have a long history of successful cooperation with enterprises. All of our products and services, including Saman suite and custom SLAs, are in tune with Enterprise-level organizations requirenments.